Rawlings Joinery Terms and Conditions

  • Orders accepted are subject to a 20% deposit, and the remainder of the balance is due upon completion of the order/works.
  • Stage payments may be required for larger projects.
  • All goods remain the property of Rawlings Joinery until paid in full.
  • Late Payment Charges - Interest may be liable on any monies overdue.
  • All quotations are based on the information supplied, and we would request that you please check the contents to ensure that we have interpreted your requirements accurately, as any revisions made after the receipt of initial information may not have been included in quotations.
  • Please note that any quoted delivery dates are estimated only, and although the company will make every endeavour to meet set timescales, this may not always be achievable due to unforeseen circumstances, an overlap of projects, or delays in the delivery of timber or glass.
  • Rawlings Joinery will not be held responsible for the adjustment of spring balances in sliding sash windows if the said windows are installed by a third party.
  • Rawlings Joinery will not be held responsible for any damage caused by third parties after delivery/installation by Rawlings, and if rectification is requested, any extra works will be charged for.
  • If the customer has supplied us with sizes to manufacture goods, it is essential that the sizes are accurate and must be put in writing with the order. Any amendments made to sizes after works have commenced may be charged for.
  • While every attempt is made to eliminate the expansion and shrinkage of external/internal joinery items, such as gates, doors, and windows, by allowing a certain amount of clearance, Rawlings Joinery is not liable for any expansion/shrinkage or swelling of these items.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the staining or painting of joinery items is not included in the estimated or quoted price.
  • Doors and Joinery Items - Where doors and joinery items are supplied with a factory-applied equalising stain or primer, the customer is recommended to paint/stain such products with a minimum of two coats of proprietary wood stain, and primed joinery must be treated with a full paint finish. Primer and equalising stains DO NOT give long-term protection against the ingress of moisture, and Rawlings Joinery cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused to timber due to said recommendations not being carried out.
  • Glass scratches which are only visible to the naked eye from a distance of more than 3 metres out of direct sunlight may be deemed as faulty/manufacturers fault and replaced if necessary. Any customer requests for changes to glass after installation will need to be charged for.


Joinery – Timber is a natural material and is susceptible to swelling and staining. Once timber products are installed/delivered to site, the client is responsible for taking measures to prevent such problems. Rawlings Joinery recommends that all factory-finished timber products are treated with two coats of quality, oil-based stain/paint. This will help reduce the amount of moisture that may be absorbed by timber. Rawlings Joinery will not accept any responsibility for timber movement (i.e. warping, swelling etc) or any damage caused as a result of this movement.

As timber is a natural product, there are always colour differentials within the wood, and whilst every effort is made to ensure the colour/grain matches with other timber, tolerances and slight colour variations may have to be allowed for.

Glass – Rawlings Joinery uses toughened safety glass as standard on all their products. Owing to the high insulating property of the windows and glass, you may experience condensation on the outside of the glass. Certain climatic conditions and localised atmospheric conditions may result in external condensation on some windows but not on others. This is in no way indicative of a defective unit.

Recommended Action by the Customer

Eliminate water vapour from within the building and apply paint/stain in accordance with timber aftercare recommendations. In the event of plaster/concrete coming in contact with the timber, it must be removed immediately using a soft, damp cloth.

Rawlings Joinery will not accept liability for claims in respect of damages caused as a result of insufficient attention to aftercare recommendations. Likely damage includes:

  • Expansion/swelling of the products, resulting in an inability to close and lock doors and windows.
  • Breaking of seals and joints, resulting in leaks and draughts.
  • Winter building damage, resulting in fungal growth.
  • Concrete burn marks, usually black stains.
  • Warping and shrinkage after construction is complete and the house has dried out.
  • Timber damage due to recommended measures not being carried out/applied.

The Rawlings Joinery Mission Statement

At Rawlings Joinery, we are committed to applying our skills and attention to detail to produce a quality product to the highest standard. We endeavour to liaise with our customers to ensure that the service we offer during and after the products are delivered is professional and helpful, and will do our utmost to ensure that any issues are resolved in the best possible way.

* Please note that Rawlings Joinery is a Trading Name for Rawlings & Oakes Industries Ltd

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