A Step up from a Normal Staircase

Create a unique feature piece with a bespoke staircase from Rawlings Joinery. Whether you are looking to replace your existing staircase or improve the access to your loft conversion, we have the solution. Thanks to our bespoke design and manufacture service, you can commission a staircase made to the exact specifications of your property. The design will take into account your style preferences, the requirements of your house, and compliance with building regulations. Alternatively, we can transform your old staircase into a modern or traditional centerpiece creating a fresh look without the disruption or upheaval of removing or replacing your old one.

An Impressive Feature

There is no better way to make a great first impression than having a delightful staircase standing before you when you enter a property. Custom-designed to fit uniquely into your home, your staircase will be crafted and fitted by our team of skilled craftsmen. Their aim is to exceed your expectations at every stage of the project, from planning and design through to supply and installation.

Designed Uniquely for You

With our complete design and manufacture service, your staircase will add the aesthetic improvement to your home you’ve been looking for. Over the years, our joiners have built every type of staircase, from curved to straight, and dealt with all types of size and configuration requirements. What’s more, we have experience using almost every type of material, including woods such as oak, cherry, ash, beech, and walnut, as well as glass balustrades.

Improving Your Interior

The potential of your staircase often goes unnoticed. Many people don’t understand just how much a fresh staircase can enhance a home. Using their extensive skills and experience, the team at Rawlings Joinery will give your house a new lease of life. 

Bespoke Joniery Services

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